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Summer residence

The historic jewel of the Transylvanian Baroque style

The previous summer residence of Samuel von Brukenthal was awakened from its deep slumber in 2011. After it was renovated according to Brukenthal’s ideas and vision it was opened for the general public.

Being ideally placed at the middle of the park, the Orangery is the main attraction point for those who visit the Brukenthal assembly. The former historical charm has been restored and completed with the comfort and elegance of the modern age. Our guests will find that this unique Baroque building provides modern bedrooms, a romantic restaurant and two halls for events (such as parties, conferences or seminars).

The Baroque Palace is the main building of the summer residence. It is found on top of a 12-metre terrace found above of the Olt Valley, representing the highest point of Avrig. The assembly is comprised of a main three-winged building conjoined with two single-storey annex buildings. The U-shaped building assembly is oriented towards the park, as it was the custom in Transylvania, and not towards the street.

Along its 250 year old history, this establishment went through the hands of various owners and it went through multiple orientations. The Brukenthal Family, various families from the area, the Evangelical Community Rectory were in turn the owners of the assembly, the latter opening a thermal establishment and a sanatorium back in 1908. After 1948 the settlement became state-owned, the sanatorium being preserved. Starting with 1999 the land is acquired by the Samuel von Brukenthal foundation. Nowadays, the building complex is open to the general public that wishes to enjoy the unique atmosphere found at the bottom of the Carpathians Mountains.

Probably the sole garden-monument in Southern Transylvania, the park was mainly preserved according to the initial structure. Today, the symmetrical, strict shapes can only be guessed, while the original plants suffered decades of neglect and were nearly lost – aside from a few exceptions, such as the tulip trees. Starting with the last couple of decades restoration procedures ensued to revive the initial appearance.

The reason for planning a trip into Transylvania or the Carpathians isn’t represented only by the Brukenthal Palace. There are countless other attractions, such as the medieval towns of Sibiu or Brașov and the traditional Romanian shepherd villages scattered across the Carpathians. Furthermore, we mustn’t forget about the numerous villages built by the Transylavian saxons which had a deep impact on the landscape, mainly due to their marvelous fortified churches. Also, the spectacular Ice Hotel from Bâlea Lake must not be missed during the winter season!

Corporate Events

Stylish events for corporations

The Brukenthal Palace could be the ideal place for your conferences, seminars or corporate parties. The rooms found inside the Orangery and the vastness of the park provide you with the possibility of organizing your events according to your own style. Also, we happily provide tour guides of the park, sport activities or trips across the surrounding area.

Private Weddings and Parties

The ideal place for your dream wedding

The previous summer residence of the baron Samuel von Brukenthal is a romantic and elegant place that will suit your wedding.


Inside the Baroque Orangery

Southern Transylvania will show you a romantic place which will allow you to spend your holidays or you can just use it to escape the daily struggle for a short while. We prepared 9 modern guest rooms, available straight in the middle of the Baroque park from the summer residence of Samuel von Brukenthal from Avrig. We will prepare you a delicious breakfast, which you can enjoy either on the Dutch garden’s terrace, while being surrounded by flowers and blooming shrubs, or inside the restaurant.



Find us in Avrig 555200, str. Gheorghe Lazar nr. 39

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