The Orangery is the heart of the Baroque park

The Orangery, idyllic located in the middle of the park is the main attraction for visitors of the Brukenthal summer residence. The historic edifice was built from 1770 to 1779 from plans by Samuel von Brukenthal. We have laboriously restored it in the years 2011 and 2012, complementing the historic charm with elegant, modern comfort. Our guests will find in this unique baroque building newly renovated guest rooms, a romantic restaurant and two multifunctional halls for events, seminars and conferences.

Tying on old traditions

The building itself consists of two parts, the small and the great orangery. In Brukenthal times, the construction served as a shelter to exotic plants from around the world against the long Transylvanian winters. Among other species Brukenthal cultivated lemon trees, pineapples, orange trees, melons and apricots. A special attraction was the Queen of the Night, a cactus that blooms only once a year – which then was celebrated as an important social event. In the coming years we want to tie step by step to this tradition, reviving the botanical diversity of the park and the gardens.