Baroque castle waits for restoration

The baroque palace is the dominant construction of the summer residence in Avrig. It is located on a terrace 12 feet above the valley of the river Olt, on the highest point of the town. The ensemble includes a main building, which is connected to two flat outbuildings. The U-shaped floor plan is – as usual in Transylvania – not aligned to the street, but to the park.

Inspiration in Vienna

Brukenthal got inspiration for his refuge in Vienna, namely by the imperial palace and gardens of Schönbrunn and Laxenburg. Especially the castle with its exposed hillside location recalls to the Gloriette in the park of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. The design of the facades reflects the transition from late baroque to classicism. The castle building includes a variety of residential rooms and business chambers as well as a large hall on the first floorl. In former times the palace housed also a well-stocked art gallery.

Work goes on for use concept

Unfortunately, the palace is currently in a neglected state. Since around 2004 the building – which was used as a sanatory during the communist period and in the first years after the revolution – was vacant. So far, there is lack of sufficient resources for the urgently needed extensive refurbishment. Together with the town administration of Avrig, the Samuel von Brukenthal Foundation from Sibiu, and other partners we are working out a concept that shall identify adequate usage concepts for this representative monument.