Summer residence, spa and sanatorium

In its 250-year history the manor changed hands several times, and thus the use. For Samuel von Brukenthal, who purchased a summer residence in 1756, it was a place of beauty that simultaneously served as exemplary agricultural estate.

Rapid change of ownership

In 1803 Johann Michael Brukenthal inherited the estate. The estate remained in the possession of the Brukenthal family until 1872, when the death of Baroness Wilhelmine Mylius Brukenthal extinguished the line. In the following years there was rapid change in ownership: firstly the native German Friedrich Boll bought the estate to sell it just a few years later to the Avrig citizen Emil Porsche, a glass manufacturer, followed by the brothers Borger from Sibiu in 1888.

Summer residence in church property

20 years later, finally, the Presbytery of the Evangelical Church in Sibiu acquired the site in order to protect it from a looming parcelling out of the whole complex. Immediately after the purchase a sanatorium was established in the building in 1908, which was supplemented a few years later with a hydropathic establishment. After 1948 the state took over the ensemble and carried on the sanatorium.

A place for visitors from near and far

In the 20th century, the original park was poorly maintained but changed fundamentally. During this time, the summer residence lost much of its former charm. Since 1999, the site was restituted to Evangelical Church which founded the Samuel von Brukenthal Foundation in order to administrate the manor. Today the estate is open to the public, for visitors from near and far who want to enjoy the unique atmosphere.